The secret to learning a new language: Immersion, Immersion, Immersion.

Immerse Yourself In Your New Language!
Immerse Yourself In Your New Language!

If I have to give only one piece of advice in language training it would be to be immerse yourself in it.

Live it.

Breathe it.

Lose yourself in that language.

Sink into it.

Let it ooze into your pores.

It can be demanding, and sometimes downright frustrating, especially when your translating module in your brain has been frazzled by long days, but it is well worth the results. It’s like seasickness: at a certain point your brain just accepts the fact that the ground is moving and gets on with it.

In addition to studying, watch TV in that language, talk to yourself in that language, use it when you can, even when there is an easier way out.

Eventually you will reach the point where you start to think in that language. That’s when you have truly accepted your adopted language and love it rather than seeing it as an awkward acquaintance.

So go ahead, jump in. Live and breathe it, and your journey to learning that language will be quicker and more fun!

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